Duncan Soule, M.D. is a holistic physician who helps people achieve optimal health through osteopathy, homeopathy and integrative medicine approaches. All of these methods activate the self healing ... read more >

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Nature of Health

Human beings are a unity of body, mind, emotions and spirit. In health, these components freely interact and participate in the expression of our highest potential. We have within ourselves a powerful, intelligent, self-healing capacity. Optimal health results from the healthy functioning of this inherent healing capacity.

Health manifests as integration and freedom of expression on all levels of our being. When we are truly healthy we are free to express our highest potential. We are free of pain and other physical limitations, have plenty of energy, can think clearly and have a deep passion for life. Vibrant physical health allows us to function freely in the world without being limited by our bodies. Emotional health is the freedom to feel and express our emotions, while not being limited by them. Mental health is expressed as selfless creativity. We see things in a new light, become open to new possibilities and discover new ways to find happiness and satisfaction in the face of life’s challenges. In health, we experience and live from our highest potential and promote that same well-being in others.

Holistic physicians emphasize the promotion of health within the patient rather than focusing on the elimination of disease. Using the various modalities he employs, Dr. Soule is devoted to delivering from within each patient the optimal state of health.

“It is the object of the physician to find Health.
Anyone can find disease.”

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

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